Welcome to our logical, rational, practical and innovative approach to strategic management consulting - an approach that is unflinchingly client-focused and targeted directly at helping our Clients’ improve their business performance.

At A.T.M Strategic Management Consulting we dare to be different in the way we help our Clients/Partners improve their productivity, efficiency, productivity, and business performance & profitability. Our methodology - based on our unique service design & delivery model - tackles head on the hurdles that lie in the way of improved profitability, better customer service, higher customer service satisfaction and tighter cost control and management. Drawing from the sharpest minds in industry and academia, we bring together passionate and focused teams dedicated to deliver our client companies we work with outstanding transformation results and a lasting competitive advantage.
Who we are?
A.T.M is a network of world-class management consultants, senior executives with proven track records in blue-chip organisations, high-calibre academics and industry experts. The collective expertise we offer goes well beyond that provided by traditional consultancies, allowing clients’ unparalleled access to top-tier talent across a wide range of specialities.

As well as aiding the problem identification and solution-design & delivery process, the breadth of the intellectual and commercial expertise we offer ensures innovative approaches with an emphasis on logical, rational, and practical action. At A.T.M we are passionate & dedicated to ensure that projects stay well-grounded at all times, generating actionable and rational solutions which are mapped out in timetabled action plans.
What we do?
Our people-centric solutions are delivered through A.T.M's unique 3-Stage Value-Creating Strategic Proposition and a 5-P Business Model & Progressive Transformation Process, augmented by engagement and design & delivery processes. Strategically-focused action plans map out the measures required for our clients’ business to maximise its potential and become a "Built-to-Last" Strategic Intelligent Enterprise. These include the logical, rational, and practical steps required for the development of a 'built to last" culture which places the concept of Learning at Speed and the drive for continuous improvement at the heart of the enterprise.
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